BIMlink is the most complete online tool for managing building information files

Create and manage a complete and structured building information file in the cloud and co-create with all your project partners


Always access to up-to-date information

All the information on your online building information file is easily accessible to anyone, everywhere and at any time


Spatial structure as a framework for building management

Connect all the documents and information to your spatial structure, such as locations, buildings and floors


What is BIMlink? 

BIMlink quickly and easily provides you with a current view of the data and documents of your building. The online building information files are accessible anywhere and anytime during the construction and maintenance of the building. All correct documents, drawings and models from all life cycles of a building are stored securely and structured for all stakeholders in the project. BIMlink has been developed by specialists with decades of experience in the complex Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry.


BIMlink consists of various modules. Each module is tailored to a phase in the life cycle of a building: from design to construction and maintenance. Select modules per user group or team member and give them the functionality they need to perform their tasks in the project.





For all stakeholders

BIMlink streamlines co-working and communication between each project team during development, design, construction and maintenance of buildings. Together, you can view and edit documents and work with information based on your role during the project.

BIMlink is modular so team members only use the modules that support their tasks in the construction or maintenance process. Users only get access to information that is relevant to them and on which they must act.

For clients and project developers

Teams can structure the online building in BIMlink so all documents and data are accessible to all team members at one location. Avoid mistakes and discussions about the status and versions of documents. As owner of the project, you always have a complete overview.


All documents are accessible on a single platform and linked to the spatial structure.


Communication between stakeholders and project partners is crucial to structuring an online building.


Approve and reject drawings in a secure system.

For architects, constructors and consultants

Designers can share their documents and files easily and securely in one design file and at any stage in the design process. Agreements are handled by an online protocol. Working and communicating with the entire project team is made easy.


Share large files with your team and let BIMlink automatically keep track of the revision history. 


Connect questions and action points related to documents and building elements. 


Get a clear overview of all stakeholders, disciplines and aspect models. 

For construction companies and installation agencies 

Collect and structure all documents and information on BIMlink to ensure only the correct and released information is used at the construction site.


Connect all documents to the spatial structure and building elements.


Online agreements guarantee the quality of the data of your online building.


Send released drawings to the construction site and check them with stamps with QR-codes.

For municipalities, housing corporations, education and care institutions

BIMlink saves the entire online building information file in the cloud so you can always access the correct information in interactive reports and floor plans when managing your building. With our API, all structured data can be easily linked to various third party FMIS software suppliers.


Manage BIMlink as an online ‘drawing cabinet’ and always access the most current version of drawings. 


Guarantee the quality of the building file with automatic checks when uploading. 

Spaces and areas

Create interactive reports and plans based on your BIM-model. 


The structured data can easily be linked with various FMIS software. 


BIMlink is the ultimate application to collect and structure all building information. For maximum effect, our database can easily be linked with almost any system. Our platform is open to new integrations and we will be happy to create a tailored solution for you.

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